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 Mowing and Edging 

Spring Clean up:

         Trim perennials and ornamental grasses as needed to encourage proper growth.

         Clean up leaves and debris from under all trees, shrubs, planters and lawn areas.

         Clean up debris on all parking areas and walkways.

         Haul away all debris.


Lawn Cutting

         Cuttings shall be performed in accordance with the weather.

         Trim around all buildings, parking lots, trees, driveways, sidewalks, etc...

         Remove clippings from all walk and driveway surfaces after every cutting.

         Remove debris such as paper, cans, bottles, small branches, etc.. from the lawn.


Fall Clean-Up

         Clean up of planters (dethatched plant matter only), mulch beds, rock areas, lawn areas, parking areas, etc...

         Removal of all fallen leaves on the property, which is done in combination with the last 3 lawn cuttings of the season.

         Trim perennials and ornamental grasses as needed.


Power Edging (Concrete driveways and sidewalks only)

         One (1) power edging along sidewalks during mid- to late-season.

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