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 Fertilization & Weed Control 

There are five applications of  fertilizer/weed control


1.  April/May -  Balanced fertilizer; broadleaf weed control liquid spray.

2.   June/July -  A slow release balanced fertilzer provides a thicker and richer lawn. While controlling future broadleaf weeds.

3.   August/Spetember - Balanced fertilizer booster; broadleaf weed control.

4.  October/November - Specially blended, end of season "Winterizer". Eliminates any broadleaf weeds throughout the winter months.


We apply fertilizer when plants need it and when they can readily absorb the nutrients with their roots. We will time the application to coincide with active root growth and adequate soil moisture Shrubs should be fertilized in early spring, and a light fertilizer application can be made in early summer if conditions are conductive to plant growth. We avoid fertilizing shrubs stressed by drought during the summer months. If water is unavailable, we do not fertilize at all because plants will be unable to absorb the nutrients. If shrubs are growing in a lawn that is regularly fertilized, there is no need to fertilize them separate. The roots of the shrubs will absorb some of the fertilizer applied to the lawn. However, shrubs growing in planting beds may need to be fertilized, especially on sandy soil with little or no organic matter. ASI has a shrub fertilization program that we would be glad to assist you with.

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